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No Challenge Too Great!

For two decades, we have been immersed in a constant learning process. We’re always building, developing, growing, and raising the bar for ourselves – just so we can raise it even further with every new undertaking. In a world where technologies are evolving by the day, we are continuously expanding our horizons and experimenting through countless projects of all kinds.

Thanks to our diverse experience and knowledge, together with our boundless hunger to learn even more, we have the capabilities required to create successful apps that ignite the imagination and motivate your target audiences to action.

And when your customers are motivated, they’re activated, and you reap the rewards.

Menachem Mizrachi

Dan Dushinsky

Bringing Businesses Together

At, “okay” is never good enough. We always strive to be better and achieve uncompromising excellence.

If you’re considering an exit or have an idea for building a successful business via an app – like the WeR1 app we created for the Solidarity Foundation to support small businesses – you’ve come to the right place. We open all the doors to every market.

Making Industry Breakthroughs

App Development for Forward-Thinking Companies

The path to making a real breakthrough comes from innovation, creativity, and always staying on top of the latest developments relevant to your activities. Or, as we like to call it, being Apptodate.

If you want to optimize processes, develop new communication channels with your customers, and increase profits, you have to think big, aim high, and keep one step ahead of the competition. How?

The answer is right there in your phone – a smart app!

Brand new branding

app development for branding and creative companies!

You’re an outstanding branding company, but how can you make sure you stand out in the competitive world of brands? Embrace innovation and stay on the cutting edge. In other words, stay Apptodate.

Rebranding a client? Building new specs or a fresh UX/UI for an application? Let’s create the app that will make the brand into a rocket ship.

Why Shtibel?

Apptodate – Technological Innovation

Because app development requires innovation, in-depth technological knowledge and thinking outside the box, and these are exactly the raw materials we use every time we work on a new app. This is how you give added value to your application, this is how you turn the future into the present.


Because every member of the development team excels at creative original thinking. As a result, our apps are the fastest to jump UP the app store rankings.

PTI – Partnership, Transparency & Involvement

Because we believe that the best app development processes are based on “PTI” – that means a true Partnership between the client and the developer, Transparency throughout every step of the work process, and your full Involvement at every stage, until you are fully satisfied.

Experience Drives Performance

Because, as the longest established, most experienced, and most professional app development company in Israel, our development teams have extensive end-to-end expertise, and know absolutely everything about developing apps that motivate customers. And that’s exactly what you need.

Operational Flexibility

Because we know how to respond quickly to changes and make adjustments at every stage of the app’s development, even after it’s already live.

Always in Flow – Ongoing Guidance & Support

Because we don’t just send you on your way when the job is done. Our tech support services are always at your service, at every stage and in every situation, even when your app is available all over the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Because we are the longest-established app development company in the Israeli market. In fact, we and the iPhone emerged on the scene at the same time, around 2007. Since then, we have had a great relationship with it, as well as with our other good friends like Mr. Android.

Well, how much does a house cost? That’s roughly the answer 🙂, but in general it starts from NIS 50,000. The upper limit really depends on how complex the development is.

Great, that means you’re already drilling down and you can start the development process pretty quickly. Contact us to set up a meeting.

On average, it takes about 3 to 6 months to build an app. Of course, it really depends on how complex the app is.

Very simple – you just need to fill out this form. We’ll help you from the very first step.

Good question! You should read this article and find out