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Developing Profitable Apps

Does this sound familiar? You woke up one morning after a restless night, full of crazy dreams about creating the next WOW app everyone will be talking about. Or maybe you’ve been working on a great idea for months, but just can’t progress. Or perhaps you’re in the specification stage of the application?

Wherever you are on your journey, it’s time to move forward. In a world driven by technology and innovation, the way to succeed and make money is always to be Apptodate.

App Development – Let the experts take you UP

App development means entering a whole world of knowledge, experience, specialist expertise, creativity, and inspiration. In Shtibel’s many years of activity, we have developed and nurtured a broad platform of professional capabilities that will not only help app development, but will launch you and your app into the stratosphere.

Experts in Advanced App Development

As we take our first steps down the path to app development, the magic begins. So that you get the exact app of your dreams in the end, we’ve created a carefully calibrated and structured professional process for effective end-to-end app development.

  • Defining requirements: developing apps without doing this is like setting out on an unfamiliar road without a map or GPS… that’s just not how we do things!
  • Determining app specifications – one of the most important stages of our work
  • Designing and building the UX/UI during app development
  • Developing apps compatible with Android + iOS
  • QA testing: developing a world-class app is great, but it’s just as important to check that everything works – we don’t take anything for granted
  • Uploading the app to the app stores
  • Providing technical support and version upgrades in the stores

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