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App Design

The design process is a critical, central part of any app building project. But why do we attach so much importance to the design phase? Who are the people who work on this process? And why can’t we start programming even a single line of code before the design phase has been completed with resounding success?

Research & Analysis

The app design process consists of two important parts: UX and UI.

Before beginning the design process, we need to examine the target market in depth in order to understand business needs and coordinate expectations with the intended users. This preliminary analysis serves as the basis for the app design.

UX Design – Building a User Experience

UX is the next step in the mobile app development process. A UX expert is the one who builds, step by step, the journey that each end user will take through the application.

They say that every journey begins with a single step. In our case, that step is signing up to the app. At the end of the road is the final stage of interacting with the app: completing a product order / credit card purchase, for example.

For those who are not familiar with the field, this journey through the intricacies of the application might sound simple. All you need is a road map, a few signs here and there, maybe water for the journey, and you’re done.

In fact it is a complex, multi-stage, multifaceted, and extremely long process.

Example to Consider: Registration Stage

Let’s take, for example, the app signup screen.

It’s seemingly a no-brainer. Every app has it and what could be simpler than entering a first and last name?

Well, this is actually something that requires a lot of thought from the UX expert. At this stage, the UX expert will need to make decisions like:

  • When should the user be asked to register? Maybe users should be allowed to sign in as guests and only asked to register after they have had a taste of the app?
  • How will the registration be done? Using a Google/Facebook account? A username and password? Or just with a phone number?

Every decision requires consideration of multiple aspects and the possible results. This means that the final choices when designing the signup screens are influenced by many criteria.

Of course, there are also processes where several alternatives can be offered. The UX designer determines what these are and how to present them.

After the flow of all the screens is approved, we reach the next part of the process – UI design.

UI Design

The UI design process is like making a cake from a winning recipe by an expert pastry chef. Here, the designer takes the “ingredient list” defined in the UX stage and puts their own unique twist on it.

The UI designer is the one who selects the colors and fonts, and also builds the graphic language, with everything in line with the original recipe, according to the brand values and customer’s needs.

At this stage, the UI designer will usually present several potential themes. Once the preferred theme is selected, the UI designer will prepare all the app screens in accordance with the newest, most Apptodate theme.

Furthermore, the UI designer will prepare the screen design in a way that will best serve the app programming team. Any incorrect settings can lead to a whole chain of errors, and result in incorrect programming for the app screens.


Work on the UI and UX phases directly corresponds with the application’s purpose and the experience that each user has when using it. For example, in the case of an app designed to sell products, the UI+UX design stages will aim to create an adapted style that leads to maximum sales in the app and is reflected in your bottom line.

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