What Makes an App Appealing?

Our mobile phone screens are full of little icons, representing every color and shape. But have you ever asked yourself what makes you download one app, and not another?

If you’ve spent many long minutes considering this issue without coming up with a definitive answer, our app developers are here to help.

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App Specification

You probably have several apps installed on your phone, and most likely a whole bunch, even if you only use a few on a daily basis. Then there are the countless apps in the app store, just waiting to be downloaded.

When explaining what makes people choose a particular app over its competitor, it’s important to understand the app specification process.

The App Specification Process – Step by Step

It’s true that, as an app development company, we’re as Apptodate as it gets. But, as we already revealed, that doesn’t (yet) include reading minds. We do know, however, that your idea – whether totally raw or crystallized – is still just an idea. And ideas, even the most ingenious ones, require specification. That’s why, in our very first meeting with you, we will try to drill down to the depths of your idea and its smallest details, to understand exactly what you mean.

The goal of the specification phase is to understand the purpose of the application as fully as possible, which enables us to achieve its optimal development.

In order to distill and refine the idea, and obtain answers regarding its target audience, we will examine whether it currently has competitors in the app store, what added value it offers, which pain points it solves, how long its shelf life will be, and more.

App Specification – Who Needs It? When? And Why?

The questions may sound complex, but the answer is quite simple: specification is needed by everyone, always, in every situation. Some people believe that the specification process is only intended to refine the core idea, but in fact the specification phase is when we try to understand what the application is for, in relation to each audience:

Users – What will they think? Will the app appeal to them?

Business Owners – What is the business potential? Will the app enhance branding and a positive reputation? Is it profitable?

Investors – Will the app in its current form successfully convince investors?

Based on our extensive experience, we strongly recommend that you never skip this step. App specification is simply an essential stop on the way to commercial success. For the excited entrepreneurs who just can’t wait to make that key breakthrough and are worried about wasting time, we remind you that investing in this phase of the process not only does not delay the process, but also actually saves time going forward, by establishing the best conditions for app development. It is a kind of “sketch” that illustrates the intended future application. Once all the processes within the app structure have been specified, it is unlikely that plans will change after work begins.

How would you like to design your app?

Of course, the specification phase also includes the design. Every element of the app is addressed, down to the last pixel. That’s the only way to guarantee satisfaction and full optimization to the target audience.

Design Questions that Shape Development Work:

What will be the app’s color scheme?

What size will the buttons / links be?

What will each app window look like?

What font size and type will be used?

And more…

Developing a Great Application

The bottom line (for every line of code) is that the goal is for you to benefit from as many downloads and as few abandonments as possible. An extensive, thorough, and professional app specification document places the utmost importance on all the elements that enable you to achieve this goal – in other words, the entire app.

For the users, it’s the experience of using the app that will determine their reactions and reviews. The specification document is a significant, vital step in the process and we invite you to learn how to build it gradually, while fully understanding your goals as well as the needs of your users.

Since you’re a diligent kind of person, have you already written your app specification document? Brilliant! Let’s get you a quote for development.

No idea how and where to start with a specification? No problem. Just contact us and we’ll build it together.

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