App Development:


Shipping in Australia? Truckiez makes it easy.

Truckiez is Australia’s leading online trucking platform, making logistics a breeze for any shipper, regardless of size and purchasing power.

At, we’ve developed the platform that gives transportation company managers in Australia a management and planning tool that gives them complete control over shipping tasks at any given moment.

We have also developed a useful, effective app for the truck drivers, letting them manage all their tasks, like planning routes and signing shipping documents, in the app itself, without the need for paperwork.

Truckiez aims to enable every shipper, large or small, to benefit from the exceptional expertise of the creators behind the system. The Truckiez entrepreneurs came to the development of this app through their vast knowledge in the transport world. Understanding the missed opportunities that occur on a day-to-day basis, they decided to build this unique platform to bridge the gap.

Truckiez is the easiest, most economical way to book trucks in Australia today. Thanks to a combination of experience, professionalism, and expertise, Truckiez suppliers offer very attractive and competitive rates in the Australian market.

Project Work Process:


Detailed functional specification for the app and the admin system that manages the app’s content


Building UI/UX and designing all app screens


Programming the app for Android and iOS, building API interfaces and third-party links


Performing QA tests

“Our platform was developed for us by, under the leadership of Meni and Danny. The service we received went above and beyond, and the app is amazing. I have no doubt that we will work with them again in the future. It was a real pleasure.”
Ronen Hazan
CEO, Truckiez App

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Application development deals with the oldest company in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Because we are the longest-established app development company in the Israeli market. In fact, we and the iPhone emerged on the scene at the same time, around 2007. Since then, we have had a great relationship with it, as well as with our other good friends like Mr. Android.

Well, how much does a house cost? That’s roughly the answer 🙂, but in general it starts from NIS 50,000. The upper limit really depends on how complex the development is.

Great, that means you’re already drilling down and you can start the development process pretty quickly. Contact us to set up a meeting.

On average, it takes about 3 to 6 months to build an app. Of course, it really depends on how complex the app is.

Very simple – you just need to fill out this form. We’ll help you from the very first step.

Good question! You should read this article and find out